Pre wedding shoot is something that is done by every couple today. The photo shoot benefits both the photographer and the couple. These photo shoots are done before the actual wedding by the couple to capture the moments of their love together and also for the purpose of testing their photographer. The shoot has various other benefits such as it helps the couple and the photographer to connect and create a friendly relationship so that both the parties feel comfortable in each other’s presence.

When we talk about the photographer and his point of view of the pre wedding shoot, we see that it helps him understand the style and the story that the couple wants to tell in their albums. Both the parties enjoy the whole idea of the pre wedding shoot. The shoot could be for an engagement or a party or just random pictures at different places around the city. Below are some basic tips that you must consider before you go for the pre wedding shoot.

1.      Book the photographer

First things first, in order to have a pre wedding shoot you need a photographer. You can just book someone on that particular day; it must be done before time. People spend a lot of time finding the perfect photographer so do you research and pick out your photographer. Book them for the day 6 months before the time so that he or she can be available. Messing up the photographer would affect your shoot largely so make it your top priority.

2.      Choose a style, themes and concept

Photographer comes in various styles and theme. It can traditional, casual, glamorous, indigenous or thematic. Your style depends entirely on the kind of person you are. If you want to base the whole shoot on a theme then choose thematic but if you want those traditional couple photographers that look perfect on the wall then you must go for the traditional style. Go through your friends and cousins wedding shoots and look for something that you want. You can either replicate some ones style or create your own; it’s entirely up to you.

3.      Talk to your photographer

Meeting with your photographer before the actual shoot is quite important. You can’t just throw a bunch of ideas at your photographers face on the day of the shoot. If that happens and he is unable to do the shoot your way then it is entirely your fault. Talk to your photographer and convey your ideas and styles with a proper tea so that he understand your needs and puts them into motion. Ask him about his previous shoots, look through them, and create new ideas together and work together to make the shoot startling.

4.      Pick out the venues

Look for venues that would help you create those incredible photos. If you want to go for the vintage look then look for historical landmarks and buildings. Book them and pay the fee if necessary. Modern looks are created in the parks or the market places. Widen your imagination and go for different looks. Some of the basic locations are beaches, cafes, highways, old buildings, museums and etc.

5.      Prepare for the day – look your best

You need to look your best. Go shopping buy some gorgeous outfits with matching accessories. Get a make-over if you want or you could also go with matching outfits. Book a spa day before the shoot to pamper yourself and relax. Makeup and costumes have a great impact on the quality of the photo so try to put your best when it comes to looking good.