Your big day is on the way and there are hundreds of decisions and bookings that must be made such as the venue, the flowers, the guest list and the dress. Along with these there is a major decision that must be made and that is deciding on the wedding photographer. One of the most difficult decisions for a couple on their wedding day is choosing the perfect photographer who understands them and values their ideas and decisions.

Entrusting someone with this task takes a lot of consideration. Your friend or an uncle might have an amazing DSLR but that doesn’t mean that they are good at capturing your big day for you because capturing memories is so much more than just possessing a nice high tech camera. Below are some guidelines that would help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

1.      Pick the venue

Your venue is important when it comes to choosing your photographer. The reason behind it is that wedding photographers have an area of expertise. Some might be good at capturing pictures in the open venues while others in the wedding halls. Book the photographer that has more experience regarding your venue. There is also the issue regarding whether your photographer would be willing to travel to your venue or not. Thus your venue plays a vital role in deciding on the perfect wedding photographer.

2.      Select the genre

Wedding photography has various genres such as traditional, classic or journalistic. If you want the photographer to focus on you as the couple and take positioned and posed pictures that you must go with the traditional photographer. The journalistic photographers mainly just capture people in their natural poses whereas the classic ones just blend the both genres into one. Make sure to pick out your style beforehand and choose the photographer who is an expert in that area.

3.      Work on your budget

Photographers are highly expensive when it comes to capturing your wedding day which is why your budget plays a vital role in picking out the photographer. Decide your budget and talk to your photographer about the packages that he or she offers.

4.      Reviews and Recommendations

Crawl through the social media and look for recommended photographers. Talk to friends or family members that have an experience with photographer or have hired someone in the past. Talk to the old clients of your photographers if possible and check out the quality of the work and the consistency in it.

5.      Set a meeting with your photographer

Before booking your photographer, sit down with him or her and have a chat with them. Let them in on your views and plans. See if you can connect with them and trust them with the task. I would recommend someone who is a bit chatty and frank because you have to spend the whole day with your photographer thus you must feel comfortable in their presence. Explain what you desire and prefer to the photographer and see who he or she responds to it.

6.      Do a test run

A test run is very helpful. You can book them for the engagement or a party before the wedding to test their capabilities and the quality of the pictures because these memories are going to stay with you forever.