Most photographers work their way through the social media by Facebook and Instagram accounts or mostly importantly through flicker or 500px. These platforms allow you to set up a perfect portfolio for you client but they are no match for a website. You are comparing a webpage with a website? It’s an uneven match.

Likes and shares on social media accounts might feel good but that feeling can never compete with the feeling that a photographer gets when he or she gets a client. Social media accounts can never get you more clients than an actual professional website. Many people might say that there is no need for a photographer to have his or her own personal website but those people are unaware of the benefits that a website offers. Some of the reasons behind why a photographer must have his personal website are given below;

1.      Look professional

A lot of individuals have bought a professional camera and mess around taking pictures and posting them on social media accounts. But this doesn’t mean that they are professional photographer. A website gives a photographer a professional look and distinguishes him or her from such individuals who are only good at social media accounts. Clients consider websites to be more trustworthy then Facebook pages. For them social media accounts are just platforms for communicating but websites are actual business zones where deals and booking can be made.

2.      Easy to use

Not all clients are aware of the businesses running on social media. They only use such accounts for chatting purposes whereas while looking for businesses such as photographer they would go to Google and search for photographer in their area. Website gives a clear access to the clients and gives them straight forwards information such as;

  • Portfolios
  • Packages
  • Prices
  • Achievements
  • Reviews

Whereas looking for such information on social media accounts would take forever. Clients go for things that are easy and less complicated. Websites provide them with that comfort and ease.

3.      Catches the client

Flicker and 500px might allow you to create the perfect portfolio but it also allows your rival photographers to do the same whereas your personal website is entirely based on your work and photos. Once the client likes your work he won’t leave until he is done. He won’t have some other photographers work to compare it with while on 500px photos related to yours are also visible which might distract the client and you would lose them.

4.      You can sell your photos

E0commerce is growing day by day. You can use you website to showcases your work and sell you photos online. Other website like Etsy would showcase your work side by sides with your competitor which would affect the sales. You only need the client to focus on your photos which is where the personal websites come in handy as they are designed only to display your work.

5.      Promote your photography business

Websites act like business cards. They have the necessary information that a client would need to contact you and even hire you for your services online. Websites are a way of promoting your photography business. Imagine having your website in the top searches of Google, every time someone searches for photographer you would be the first one to pop up.