Photo location idea in Colombo

When it comes to capturing mesmerizing and energetic photos, the photographer isn’t the only aspect that you need to consider. There are other components that affect the quality of the picture. These aspects include your dressing style, makeup, the mood and of course the location.

The location is a very important part of the photo shoot. It is given a lot of weightage when it comes to shoots. It affects the quality of the image and the mood that it creates. Colombo is one of the most beautiful cities of Sri Lanka. It consists of a lot of architectural, historical and natural sites that are perfect for formal and informal shoots. Some of the places that are considered as the best for photo shoots is Colombo are listed below;

1.      Green path

For people who prefer to go for a causal look with the natural beauty must go for the Green Path. The shady paths combined with various green lush trees give an artistic look to the photographer eye. It looks exceptional with natural colored outfits that make you look alive.

2.      Race course

It is one of the architectural buildings in Colombo that is perfect for romantic photo shoot. The while color of the walls look exceptional with the green grass giving your photos a decent and luxurious look. It is one of the places where you need permission for doing a photo shoot thus must be dealt with beforehand.

3.      Galle Face

It is a public place thus if you want to go for a modern style in your photo shoot you must visit Galle Face. This venue offers a variety of sceneries for you. You can capture different styled photos in the same place just by changing the direction. You can get the busy street look, the beach look, the picnic look and the city shots all in one place so if you are planning on capturing various styles then this is the place for you.

4.      Cargill’s Building

It is a historical place that was known as the Colombo fort but the British demolished the wall and now it is the central business district with many grand colonial buildings mixed with modern high-rises. The red brick structure at the back of your photos adds texture and color to the images and makes it look more striking.

5.      Red Mosque

If you plan on going with the religious look in your photo shoot then you must visit the red mosque.  It is a highly photogenic building due to its unique structure and architecture. The building turns your photos into a surreal and gives them a unrealistic look. The Mosque is located on Main street-Pettah which is one of the busiest streets of Colombo. Capturing your moment in the busy area gives it a still and captivating look.

6.      APE GAMA

It is a recreated version of the typical Sir Lankan village right in the middle of Colombo. The venue gives you both the architectural and natural look at the same time. You can give the vintage and traditional look and feel to your photos by capturing them in the spot.