Category: Wedding Photography

Pre wedding shoot tips
April 4, 2020

Pre wedding shoot is something that is done by every couple today. The photo shoot benefits both the photographer and the couple. These photo shoots are done before the actual wedding by the couple to capture the moments of their love together and also for the purpose of testing their photographer. The shoot has various other benefits such as it helps the couple and the photographer to connect and create a friendly relationship so that both the...

How to find a good wedding photographer?
April 4, 2020

Your big day is on the way and there are hundreds of decisions and bookings that must be made such as the venue, the flowers, the guest list and the dress. Along with these there is a major decision that must be made and that is deciding on the wedding photographer. One of the most difficult decisions for a couple on their wedding day is choosing the perfect photographer who understands them and values their ideas and decisions. Entrusting someone...